IPFS is addressing the limitations of existing centralized data storing methods
IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) is a next-generation distributed data storage tech solution that overcomes the limitations of existing centralized data storage. It's a protocol for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system over the Internet.

https (Web2.0) : Existing centralized data storage mechanism

IPFS (Web3.0) : Decentralized data storage mechanism 

Blockchain vs IPFS

Blockchain: Anyone can access the information, specialized in data forgery prevention

IPFS : Only user can access the data, specialized in data security 

Reason behind IPFS’s rapid popularity

The importance of IPFS

The demand for fast, secure, and affordable data storage technology has increased. 

IPFS, in particular, is gaining traction in industries where data security is critical.

Data usage expected to skyrocket 

Where IPFS is particularly suitable 

IPFS Technology development stage and current status

Professional workforce and capital from all over the world is actively conducting R&D in order to fully implement IPFS, which is the most robust solution in terms of data security.

    [Enterprises Adopting IPFS ecosystem]


Cryptocurrency that servers as an incentive layer for the development of IPFS ecosystem

Differentiation of IPFS and Filecoin for IPFS network expansion and operation

IPFS implements reward and penalty system for transforming the data storage mechanism from centralization to decentralization.  

Concise overview of the compensation and penalty process 
when storing data in IPFS

Compensation (FIL) for storing data and penalty (FIL) for unmanaged data

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