Securely stored data status

Securely stored data status

TENET DATA SYSTEMS is commited to research and provide the next-generation distributed data storage technology services to create a better Internet environment.
▪ Company name: TENET Data Systems 
▪ Capital: 1.7billion KRW
▪ Founder: Jangsun Lee
▪ Industry sector
  - R&D in distributed data storage technology, providing storage services 
  - Server Hardware Device Sales
  - Software development and technical consultuncy services
▪ Location: R12, 27th floor, Office Building, 
                    85 Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
▪ email: contact@tenetds.co.kr


TENET DS is a corporation that has a clear objective ahead and looking at a new perspectives to deliver a better web access.

Since 2014, we have been researching ‘distributed data storage technology’ while investing in infrastructure, such as building data centers to address the concern of data companies dealing with hacking, data fabrications, server malfunctions, slow speeds, user data and privacy breaches, network maintenance costs.

We have been building a data center and securely storing data of our customers in order to immerse in big data and Web 3.0 with clear and accurate examination as an early pioneer of distributed storage technology and one of the top leading corporation in South Korea.

TENET DS is turning things that seemed like to be achieved in the far future into reality. Distributed storage technologies are about to be commercialized, as the achievements of research and development become more prominent. TENET DS is committed to helping you revolutionize the Internet paradigm. Together with TENET DS, we hope you can enjoy the state-of-the-art solution for distributed data storage technology.

 Founder, Jangsun Lee
TENET DS emphasized on IPFS from way before

Even prior to its funding, TENET DS has been actively focusing in distributed storage technology, mainly Inter Planetary File System and as a pioneer in the field of IPFS, TENET DS has the world's top-rated technical capabilities.

The real data storage service has gone into effect

Research and investment into real data storage has lately been rapidly accelerated, thus, a Korean corporation TENET DS was established to provide distributed data storage services in South Korea.


We intend to enhance real data storage and retrieval technologies through data cap acquisition and R&D, simultaneously delivering data backup services using existing available real data storage technologies.

TENET DS Management Strategy

Business Name: TENET Data Systems

Business licence number: 678-81-02358

Address: R12, 27th floor, Office Building, 85 Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Email:  contact@tenetds.co.kr

Contact : (+82) 02-3424-2777 (Weekdays 10:00~19:00)

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